F3862: [LYRA] City & Guilds Download Info ReportEdit


This is required by City and Guilds to be able to determine where a particular test (keycode) was downloaded for later audit purposes.

This is an ad-hoc request to be exposed via API enabling Guilds to respond to challenges and investigate issues where, for example, unscrupulous behaviour may be suspected.

-        Request Input is a single keycode with ARGUMENT=”ReturnDownloadData”

o   This data is in live tables until data is warehoused,

o   and client info is transferred to the warehouse by state management today

o   download info is not currently transferred to the warehouse – (will require ETL work)

-        Offer download info capability on both:

o   TestSession API and

o   Result API [ST1] 

-  argument on each to return the additional data in DownloadXML

    (NOT proposing a join on live and warehouse table)

- When querying on single Keycode or ID 

Return all the following (attributes greyed out are already returned by TestSession API) :

o   ExamSessionID

o   Keycode

o   ExamState

o   Creation Time – (booking time) 

Assume this is "Date Scheduled" from Schedule

o   TestName

o   TestRef

o   Test HREF

o   TestFormName

o   TestFormRef (+TestForm HREF

o   StartTime (of the test window)

o   EndTime (of the test window)

o   Schedule 

§  ScheduledStartTime (this is a date)

§  CandidateName <firstName> <lastName>

§  CandidateRef

§  CandidateURL

o   Collection of Download info(s) (only if Download Info is required)

§  OS

§  IP Address

§  MachineName

§  DateTime

§  Local (Boolean)

§  Username (ref) (may be blank) – this is a ShowAdmin username (only populated if using ShowAdmin functionality, otherwise blank/null) (move to Admin SecureClient feature)

 [ST1]Check the download information data is in the warehouse. If it is – Small to medium.

 Assuming we don’t support this in historical or analytical results because it’s about download data which wont change.

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